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Love this App

Ive been using this App for some time and Im addicted. I have input recipes into the app using the suggested modes of transfer and all have worked with no issues. I like the edit function of categories and have added a few of my own. As well, the recipe script enlarges to fit iPad screen which is great during preparation. The watercolour is a wonderful and classy touch. Im recommending this App to friends! The ease of use and the e-mail feature adds to the enjoyment of the App. Highly recommended:)

Cupid who loves to cook

I love this app. Ive tried about 10 different ones that cost more money and this one is the best. A suggestion though, it would nice to have a planned recipe list in the app that you can drop the recipes into which you are planning to make for a certain occasion so you dont have to scroll through all the recipes again to find them. The other option would be to have bookmarks. Thats the only knock I have with the app.


Love this app, easy to take pictures of old recipes already collected!


Love this app, was able to add a recipe in my Grandmothers handwriting and just as easily download from the Internet. I download, try it , annotate or discard as required. I like the ability to personalize the categories and so cross reference by ingredient for example.

Michael B

Sucks! Clunky, time consuming, does not save time and is terrible to work with. Waste of money! Dont buy


Perfect for capturing all of my old paper recipes, as well as new ones from the web. Easy to use. Makes cooking fun!


Very good


Fantastic...I loveeee it

Great App

Talk about easy! Love that when Ive copied something to the clipboard the app automatically asks me if Id like to create a recipe. The display is also nice. Highly recommended.

Still with this app after a year

This app makes it very easy to keep all those recipes (Facebook, reddit, web, etc.) in one place. Its gotten smoother and easier over the months that Ive been using it. Very helpful.

Great recipe organizer

Before this app, I didnt cook very often but now with the ability to save recipes I like Im cooking ten times more than before. Its easy to use and I love how simply it organizes all the recipes you add.


Love the way I can have my recipes listed and all in order. I add from websites and pictured all of my loose recipes. Now I only have to go to one place. Even use it for other things such as beauty and house tips. What I always wanted.


This is a truly great recipe file. I share recipes with friends and vice versa. I can easily load those shared recipes into my file. No more going through stacks of recipes....this app is great.....

Use it all the time

Great way to manage and save recipes

Looove this app

This app has so many benefits. All your recipes in one place, completely customizable categories, screen shot, write notes, use your own printed recipe shots, airdrop with friends, and more!


What Ive been looking for. Can take photos of recipes or write text. Can categorize them in several different categories so you can always find them. Can even send to friends. A must in any cooks kitchen.

Recipe Gallery saves my bacon!

Favorite, tattered recipes or those in magazines are easy to snap pictures of and save logically instead of tossing them in a box. Easy! 1 suggestion is a way to add my own comments, such as "add more cheese at the end of baking", or, "this took 7 minutes longer to bake than the recipe indicates".

Love this app!!!

Had a small issue w this app and consulted the developer - super guy and he helped solve my problem. Love,love,love!

Recipe Gallery

I have using this program and have downloaded recipes that I have collected over the past thirty years. I appreciate the fact that I can take my iPhone to the market and buy the ingredients from my phone, then use my tablet to make the dish. At the dentists office snap a recipe from a magazine if it is something that appeals to you is a great plus. Outstanding program and can recommend to any cook.

Great app!!

It took me about twelve times to become really efficient at entering a recipe with quickness. I love the different methods of entering the information especially online recipes. My only small, very small, complaint would be a more adjustable window when capturing images but it still works fine. If your like me and always hear a good recipe and say "Im going to try that." And then forget the recipe this is perfect for you.

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